Aerial Trickery

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Katabatic is equipped with a CineStar8 – an 8 rotor, semi-autonomous, remote controlled UAV camera platform. This piece of technology allows us to offer a range of pretty nifty services which are of use to a wide range of clients. We can offer something as simple (but effective) as a higher perspective for your photographs:

Aerial photograph of the sunset over the beach at Ross.

It only takes a slightly higher point of view to add a new and captivating perspective to an image.

Jase piloting the Cinestar 8 at Brunner Mine Site.

Jase piloting the Cinestar 8 at Brunner Mine Site.

In addition to aerial photography, the UAV is a fantastic tool for video. We work extensively with West Coast Film to provide UAV based imagery as part of video productions. For example, the low-level aerial shots in the following video were part of a collaboration between Katabatic and West Coast Film.

Wild and Hidden Places – A Kiwi Classic (Kayak Session Short Film of the Year Awards 2013 – Entry # 4) from Kayak TV (Kayak Session Mag) on Vimeo.

On top of photography and video, we can offer 3D modelling, orthophotography (stitching of multiple aerial images), and technical inspection. High-resolution photos, combined with our ability to fly in close proximity to aerial objects, means we can offer inspection services of small and large objects that would otherwise require time-consuming and expensive rigging, or helicopter time.. We’re willing to consider mounting any instrument on the UAV – we’ve had enquiries about magnetometry, thermal imaging, and more. For more info about industrial applications, head over to DroneSolutions.

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