Greymouth 150th Celebrations

This month Greymouth celebrates 150 years since Reuben Waite, a Collingwood storekeeper, arrived to set up the first store here where the town now stands. There are a whole load of events going on, as well as pop-up art installations around town. It’s great to see the town vibrant and bubbling with community activities. Things kicked off with a fireworks display, launched from just across the river from town. It was a lovely evening for the occasion and a huge crowd lined the floodwall to get a good view. I decided to head up the King Park walkway behind town to get an overview of Greymouth, the river, and the fireworks. I thought for sure that others would have the same idea, but when I got there ahead of the scheduled start time I found only one chap sitting enjoying the evening from the vantage I had chosen. He was a French tourist, and had no idea that there was a show planned for which he had an outstanding seat! I think, were it not for my friend and I arriving, he would have wandered back to town after sunset and before the show. As it happened he decided to stay and enjoy the display with us, and what a show it was! Very impressive indeed. I managed to capture the image I had in mind, which is always a bonus!


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